The Story Behind Ray Braun Design

Several years into my career, I was working for a Seattle advertising agency designing and illustrating newspaper advertisements for various audio and television retailers around the country. One Sunday I pulled one of my stereo/electronics inserts out of the newspaper, proudly showed it to my wife and asked expectantly, ‘Well, what
do you think?’ After a quick glance, she replied ‘That’s nice.’ Her nonchalant two word comment got me to thinking.

I began to realize that not everyone was excited about the slick stereo ads into which I had poured my time and energy.
In fact, as I thought about it, most of my ads coming out on Sunday would be in the trash bin on Monday! My work was completely disposable with no long-lasting effect on the community or world around me. There was nothing wrong with
the products or type of clients I served, but I felt unfulfilled. After long consideration, I decided that it was time to make a change and find a place where my graphic design skills could be put to use in companies and causes I really believed in.

This led me to work as a designer for Seattle Pacific University followed by three years with a Christian correspondence school in Brussels, Belgium. There I used my design and illustration skills globally, helping create secondary school and college courses still used in more than 170 countries. After returning to the U.S. with my wife, two-year-old daughter and
a baby on the way, I launched my own business in the basement of our rented duplex.

I formed a business vision of using my skills and experience to serve enterprises that benefit the community as a whole—
such as nonprofit groups, education and health care organizations and small businesses.

Today, the team at Ray Braun Design is continuing the mission I began 25 years ago – doing great work for great causes.”

For fun and recreation I belong to The MOB. No not that mob, but the Men of Ballard. The MOB is a loose confederation of men from various churches in Ballard that meet once a month for breakfast and then go out and do random “hits” of kindness in the community. We do household repairs, painting, moving, and other acts of service for widows, the disabled, abused women, military families, single moms, etc. See more at